>Weekend update


Just a quick note on the great camp out we had this last weekend.
There were three things that really stand out as the hallmark of this last Troop camp out.  And before I go further, I think that each and every camp out, event, project etc.  should have a “take home” lesson or opportunity for reflection.  That is not to say that you manufacture one, rather, among the goals of the outing should be some benchmarks that are clearly understood by the youth and adult leadership alike.  These are things that you are looking for, want to develop in, or see improvement in the group or individuals as a whole.
So we had three significant items this weekend that I took out of the weekend and will be sharing tonight when, as a Troop we reflect and conduct Start, Stop, and Continue.

First.  The three new kids did great.  Lesson there, they listened during the training and had a willingness to be successful.  Of note, 1 of the three had never been camping ever, and the other two had never camped in the snow.
Second.  The Troop leadership is doing a real nice job.  The success of the younger guys was in their hands and they did real well.  Not only in teach and coaching, but being great examples.
And finally.  This camp out restored my faith in the next adventure.. not that it was gone, but a simple reminder that these boys are looking for something more than video games, movies, and hanging out.  During our camp fire on Saturday night we reflected on the day.  The recurring theme, and it came up over and over again, was “hanging out with my friends, a couple shovels and some work made for a great time!”
Hanging out with their patrol mates out in the woods, laughing, playing, and accomplishing cool stuff in the snow made for a great weekend for these young men. 
And that my friends is what it is all about!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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