>When Webelos come to call

>Last night at our Troop meeting we had two groups of Webelos Scouts pay the Troop a visit.  When their leaders called to set up a “Good time” to do their Troop visit, I gave them my standard response… we meet on Monday’s… pick one.  So last night they showed up and got to witness the confusion, the chaos, the noise, the fun and games, the training… well in short.. they got to see Boy Scouts doing what Boy Scouts do.
Last night was the final night of prep before the camp out this weekend.  So their was gear everywhere, there was planning going on, the SPL and one of the Troop Guides gave a quick demo on packing and essential clothing and then they had some inter Patrol competition, a game.. way to many announcements.. a Scoutmaster minute and our Troops traditional closing, we make a circle, join hands, sing vespers, recite the Scout law.. and call it a night.
I had a little talk with the Webelos parents and did some Webelos Scoutmaster conferences for their AOL.
One of the parents came up to me before they left and asked if that was what it was always like.  I had to tell the truth.. yeah.. but the noise level varies from meeting to meeting depending on the activity.. she said no… that’s not what I meant.. is it always run by the boys?  I said yep.. that’s how a Boy Scout troop is run.
I am always proud of the guys in my Troop, but last night, they really seemed to shine.  Made this Scoutmaster feel pretty darn good.
Its nice when they get it… especially when the Webelos come to call.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. >We had two dens of Webelos at our troop meeting last night, and several parents asked the same thing about Youth Led troops. It's interesting watching their reaction, as they mull over the implications: Can a unit be successful with a kid in charge? Will my son have fun? Can my son be a leader?I tell all the Webelos during my interviews: it's BOY Scouts and you're a boy, so you'd be in charge if you join this troop. I ask them how they feel about that, and the kids get excited. It makes for a chaotic meeting for certain, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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