>Purpose, Direction…

>A few years ago when I started this blog it was all about getting some of my Scouting ideas written down and maybe just maybe helping some one out with an idea or two.  I blogged a lot that first year and the second year too, but then it tapered off a bit, I never lost interest, but it seemed that topics came harder and I started asking myself “What for”.  The Podcast had taken off and has a good following, not great in the numbers game, certainly not a top pick in iTunes, but it seems that it is enough to keep going.
Here’s the point… I suppose.  When I started this blog, and let me jump in right here to say that it has never been about downloads, numbers, money, or fame.. ha.. fame.  It has always been about sharing… so having said that.. when I started this blog, I was hoping to get a few readers that would enjoy or at least take home a point or two from what I was trying to say.  What happened though was that I started to meet some great Scouters out there in the Scouting community.  Nick Wood over in England became a follower and I started following him.  Then Scouters from within the states and BSA started corresponding with me, the next thing you know we had an online community of Scouters.  That’s where I blew it.
Rather than growing that community, I let it ride and never really grabbed them when things seemed to be getting good.  The podcast took over a lot of the time I spent rather than writing and it too started to grow a small but loyal following.
There have been many folks out there that have hung in there and I am certainly appreciative for them.  Again, not seeking fortune and fame from a blog and a rinky dink podcast, but I appreciate that there are people out there that care to listen and read.
So where am I going with this?  As I get older and start taking stock of what is really important in my life, as well as a never ended need to learn more and more.. I have given lots of thought to both the podcast and the blog.  Scouting requires no thought in this matter.. it is a program that I am deeply passionate about and that will not change.  Neither will this blog or the podcast.. as in go away.. no it will change though..
After coming home from the staff development session last week I dove into the homework we were given.  essentially.. read, learn, and know the course material.  Well, that lead me to my old Wood Badge stuff and I pulled out some of the things I had written then in developing my ticket etc.  It really got me thinking about where I am in life and in Scouting.. and not to get to philosophical… but it was good to do some soul searching and find where I am when in comes to my purpose and direction.  The good news is that I have not strayed to far.. the trail is still in view and I have a plan to get back on it.  An internal dialog that I have had over the past week has led me to a place that I really think will move me forward.. and in doing so, maybe, just maybe the blog and podcast will get better… OK.. define better.
This may come as a shock to some of you… but I really don’t care how many people read this blog.  I really don’t care how many people listen to the podcast… I really don’t care how big or small my Troop gets.. its not about quantity.. its about quality (very cliche, but follow along).
I think I have something to offer the Scouting community.. and that is my goal with the blog and podcast.  The Wood Badge experience showed me that the value that I add to the program is matched and grows when I share it.  And that is what this is all about.. sharing… community.  So if the community grows and we all can share in it.. it is stronger.  So here is the point about quantity…  I love that people read and listen to this blog and podcast.. I hope that you are getting something out of this and are sharing it with your friends in and out of Scouting.  I hope that what I say and write speaks to you… whether that is 10 of you or 400.  If it is 10, I am happy that I can help you and maintain that community with you.. if it is 400.. the same is true.
Now for reasons that are selfish.. in that I love the Scouting Movement.. I do want the community to be extremely large.. because I believe that the Scouting Movement is the greatest organization on the planet.. just ask any of my Scouting friends.. this message is consistent.
But I will stop looking a numbers to keep up with the other great Scouters out there that blog and podcast.  This is not a competition.  This is a community.
No more looking at downloads and analytics… no more.  Again, 10 or 10,000… it really doesn’t matter.. as long as it is reaching out and helping in the community.  That is the intent, the purpose and the direction of the Scoutmaster Minute.
Well I guess that is all for now.
Here is the deal.. More writing.. expect it…better podcast.. count on it.
Share it.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. >Both the blog and podcast have been a major asset to my Scouting career. As a leader coming from Cub Scouting I've learned so much, about Scouting and about all that's possible from it. Thanks for all you do. If it comes down to only 10 you can bet I'll be one of them. I think your writing style an tone have developed very well. Keep it up and YOU may be the next G.B.B.


  2. >Hi Jerry,Well you do have some kind of international fame at least!I think the reason why we all read, write or podcast stuff is, as you say, to learn. If I didn't read your blog and all the other ones out there, I would be the poorer for it. I have learnt a lot about Scouting in various countries and nicked some of their programmes and ideas to use in my Group. And I hope that people reading my stuff have learnt about UK Scouting.The basics of Scouting are the same wherever you are!It is nice to see how many people read the blogs, but its the actual feedback and communication that matter more. The sharing of information and ideas is crucial whether it is in you Pack, Troop, Group, District or internationally.So keep up the good work and you can count on at least one reader / listener for as long as you keep typing / chatting!YISNick


  3. >You are reaching us. Although I haven't been an active contributor, I find the blog and podcast infinitely helpful. I am in a transition period right now, working along side our Scoutmaster in preparation to take over his duties and your knowledge makes me feel much more comfortable with my decision to do so.


  4. >I agree that numbers don't count, but they can be an indication of quality. Yesterday I went snowshoeing with the 11-yr-old patrol. Their ASM and I have been scouting buddies for a while. He had been involved in a neighboring unit before his work took him away from our town. When he moved back, we were fortunate to have him move into or neighborhood. While we hiked we reminisced about how our friendship started through round tables. Initially I had been an irregular attender to round table. I felt I had a good grasp of the boy scout program and I frankly wasn't getting much out of round table presentations.My position in our chartered organization changed and I became Cubmaster. I was out of my comfort zone and knew I needed lots of content help. I became a regular round table attender. Frankly I couldn't afford to miss. When my son came into Boy Scouts, I moved up with him. Interestingly, I didn't stop attending round table. But now I was going for totally different reason. I wasn't there for the content only; it was the community. I wanted see my scouting friends and hear how they were doing individually and with their units.So, continue with the quality content to hook scouters but build on the community idea and–even though the numbers don't matter–the community will grow.


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