>Every Scout deserves a Trained Leader


Last night at Round table I was asked to give the Scoutmaster Minute, go figure.
Anyway, I had not really prepared as it was a last minute thing, but as the evening progressed a central theme hit me. We were talking about training.  Someone got up and talked about training for FOS, then another Scouter got up and announced there would be “Candy Sales” training, our District training chairman made an appeal to get any untrained leader out for this weekends Super Saturday training.  He had a banner with him that read “EVERY SCOUT DESERVES A TRAINED LEADER!”
Now we have all heard that at least 100 times and to some that banner and his announcement blew right on by and left the room without so much as a nod.. but I thought, looking around the room.. that’s it.. there’s the Scoutmaster Minute I was looking for.  After all, I would be pitching Wood Badge tonight anyway and thoughts on it were circling my cluttered mind.
So I was introduced and began to talk about why we do what we do in Scouting.  Is it for the money.. hahahaha.. NOPE.
Is it for the headlines in the papers?  NOPE.  Is it for fun and friendships.. well, yeah.. of course.  But then I looked to the right side of the where the young men from the Order of the Arrow stood… I asked for everyone in the room under the age of 18 to raise their hands… of course everyone shot a glance in their direction.  I then said.. that is why we do it.  And if we are going to teach, coach, train and mentor those young men to be the best citizens, leaders, and people they can be.. we need to be trained.
Training in the BSA is not always dynamic or exciting, but it is relevant.  It does lead the Scout leader to a better understanding of the program, its policies, and its vast network of materials, resources, and most all.. fellow Scouters that are out there on the front line of Scouting.
And Wood Badge is the ultimate in that training continuum.  And Wood Badge is FUN and EXCITING.
But the bottom line is that Every Scout does deserve a trained leader to give him the very most that the program can offer.
Get trained.. as much training as possible, and don’t stop with BSA training.  CPR Training, Wilderness Medicine Training or advanced First Aid training, Climbing Training, High Adventure training courses and so on.  Get more training, as a result your unit will be able to do more and you will be delivering the promise of Scouting to those young men in your program!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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