Who is today’s "Green Bar Bill"?

I have been doing a lot of reading lately in old Scout literature.  Old handbooks, Boy’s Life Magazines from the ’40’s and other material in an attempt to do well.. a couple things.  First learn more about Scouting, second learn more about William Hillcourt aka ‘Green Bar Bill’, and finally to develop some good resources for assisting my Patrol Leaders Council in their development.  Not that the BSA does have some good training material out there (NYLT etc), but the BSA really does not have that much out there for training youth leaders in the Patrol method, at least not as much as they have in the past.  And in my opinion (which is worth 2 cents and a cup of coffee) the new Scoutmasters Handbook is not worth the read compared to Scoutmaster Handbooks of even 30 years ago… the older the handbook it seems the more information.
Anyway to the point.
In doing all this reading I keep asking myself, “Who is the William Hillcourt of today?  Who is the prolific writer, teacher, coach in the Scouting movement today?  Who is that person that has filled the might big shoes of Green Bar Bill?
And the answer is…. NO ONE.
The information, writings, drawings, and stories of Green Bar Bill live on today. His work is still relevant in Scouting today.  The answer NO ONE bothers me though… we need a Green Bar Bill!  Don’t we?  So who is it?  Who is the National Figure of the Boy Scouts of America today?.. please don’t say Pedro.
I don’t have a real answer for this question, but the more I dig and learn the more I long for another William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt.  Don’t you?

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. The Answer is – I am, and YOU are! I am an Assistant Scoutmaster in a Troop in Portland Oregon, and it is the responsibility of every Registered Adult Leader in Scouting to ask a few VERY simple questions when implementing the Boy Scout Program:

    1. How does this action reinforce the 3 Aims of Scouting?
    2. What Methods are we employing to teach one or all of the Aims of Scouting?
    3. HOW, are we utilizing the Patrol Method to encourage leadership, the Buddy System, and the importance of the individual scout in his learning and advancement? HINT: The “Green Bar Bill Award” or “National Honor Patrol Award” is a great place to start.



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