A Christmas Gift

You know the older I get the more reflective I get.. yep.. I glow in the dark..
I find myself taking more and more time to reflect on things, events that have made a mark on my life, both good and bad, times that we share as family and friends, and thoughts and ideas that seem to shape me more and more these days.
Last Monday it was time for the Scoutmaster minute at the closing of the troop meeting.  The SPL called me up.  I had just got to the meeting (long, long day at work) and really had nothing prepared, but as I looked at the parents in the back of the room and the Scouts staring at me waiting for words of wisdom to come flowing gracefully from my mouth, words that would move them and prompt action, a message of such importance that… oh sorry.. got caught in my mind again..
Any way- I had nothing prepared, but I looked around and it all came back to the this;  the greatest gift that our Scouts could give their parents this year.. Living the Scout Oath and Law.
I have sat with many Scouts during Scoutmaster conferences and asked that simple question, “what are you doing to live the Oath and Law every day?”  I get lots answers, “I am nice to my sister”, “I never lie”, I take out the trash.. and never ask to get paid for it”, “Well… I think I am helpful”.  Answers that while they touch on the points of the Law and maintain the theme of the promise can surely be given more thought.
The Scout Oath, a promise we make to our selves and to others moves us to do good. The Law is 12 simple words that if thought about will lead one down the right path in life.  But as a gift to those around them, it could be life changing.
So I asked the Scouts of our Troop to give that gift, the gift of living.. not just words.. but living the Oath and Law.  It tough, I know, but the things in life that are worth it never come easy.
I wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and the best of wishes in the New Year!
Merry Christmas!

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