The Lucky ones

Saturday morning started out like many other Saturdays in our sleepy little town.. wake up, shave, shower, put on Scout uniform…
But this last Saturday was special, it was our annual Scouting for Food Saturday, a day that the Scouts not only provide a service to the community, but a day that they really see the impact of their good turn.
Our Troop has assisted the St. Vincent DePaul food Pantry for the past 5 years now.  We collect our food, just like every other Scouting unit, but rather than just drop it off at the collection point, we are there to collect the food as units drop it off.  We help weigh it, sort it, box it, and put it away.  The whole process is witnessed as the scouts take action to help feed the most in need of our community.
Each year we take a minute to reflect on just how good we have it.  You see, as we are collecting the food and getting it all into the St. Vincent DePaul food pipe line, there are folks at the back door where the food is distributed.  They are not Scouts or volunteers, they are there to receive the gifts of the community.  They are men and women, families with their children, they come with bags and carts and cars that barely run, they are humble and embarrassed, and grateful.  Our Scouts greet them with smiles and a comforting hand and watch as they disappear into the cold morning.
There is an amazing transformation, for that moment in time our young men get it.  They understand that they are lucky to have parents, scout leaders, teachers, pastors, family that care for them and make sure that they have everything for a blessed life.  They are the lucky ones that have never spent a night in a cold house with an empty belly.  They are the lucky ones that have never spent a night in darkness wondering if tomorrow will be better.
Our Scouts come from every social, economic, and religious background our community has to offer, they are not rich, they are not poor, they are not abused, they are not unhappy.  This weekend they realized that they are the lucky ones.
I wish we never had to do another Scouting for Food drive or hand out food, clothing, and basic needs to those less fortunate, but that is not the world we live in.  Thank God for the Boy Scouts and the great work they do.
It was Will Rogers that once said “The only problem with the Boy Scouts…there’s not enough of them!”
Thank you Troop 664.. and Packs, Troops, and Crews everywhere that are the lucky ones and share it through your Good Turns every day.. especially when it comes to Scouting for Food!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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