SMMPodcast #67- ASMs and Troop Discipline

Show #67- In this show we answer a listener email about Assistant Scoutmasters and we open up the subject of Troop discipline. Let me know what you think.. leave some feedback.
Listen to the Show here.
A few Show notes:
First, I am planning on going weekly with the show.  The last couple weeks have solidified my “want to” and it seems there is no shortage of subjects… and hey.. I love to talk.
Second, thanks to everyone for hanging in there and supporting the show.  It is worth the time and energy and at the end of the day the show is an extention of my love for Scouting!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Each adult in the Troop, parent or otherwise, should be working in the position he/she is best suited for and most wants to do. If each person is working where they want to then the Troop benefits. If they are doing something that mostly displeases them, then the Troop does not benefit. It just becomes a battle.If you have 30 committee members and two ASMs and it works then it works. If you have 16 ASMs and 8 committee members and it works, then it works. Trying to set a specific number on something like this is unwise.Good SMs and ASMs are usually a particular kind of person. They generally have certain personality traits and certain motivations. For instance, in general, they don't mind managing their own sanitary disposal operations way out in the woods somewhere. They often have a higher threshold for boy generated noise and activity than others. And a myriad other honorable traits.If you force a "committee member" to be an ASM just to fulfill some numbers game, then trouble will soon follow.I have had 10 to 82 Scouts in my Troops. I generally have 2 to 4 ASMs. However, I have always had a goodly number of committee members to perform committee functions, drive to outings and and camp with us. Sometimes the responsibilities overlap but Scoutmaster Conferences and working with the Scout Leadership falls under the SM/ASM corp and Boards of Review are always held by committee members.


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