SMMpodcast #66 – Backpacking Food

In Backpacking meals are an important of your trail experience. There are as many ways to go about planning and preparing meals as there are trails.

As promised in the podcast here are some of the resources mentioned and gear that we use as well as meal ideas and items that I typically eat on the trail.

Stoves mentioned in the show:
MSR Whisperlite
MSR Simmer lite
Brunton Raptor
Jetboil PCS

Jimmy Dean Skillets
Tyson Pre Cooked Chicken Strips
Knorr / Lipton
Nile Soups – one of the best websites out there for backpacking meals and ideas, recipes and more.

This show was sponsored by

You can listen to the Show here.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Our locally available stove is the Pocket Rocket. Very good for backpacking. Almost every Scout in my troop has one (as do the adults). The JetBoil is nice but it's way too expensive for most Scouts.


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