Heading Back to Gilwell

I have been invited to serve as a Troop Guide for the upcoming Wood Badge course!  I am extremely excited about the opportunity, yet another way to influence and share my love for the Scouting program.
I tried to serve on the last two course, but because of the National Jamboree schedule of training, outings, and preparation, Wood Badge had to wait.
3 of the Adults from my troop are attending the course also.. and that makes this all the more exciting.  2 Assistant Scoutmasters and our Troop Chaplain! And we are trying to get more.
The dedication of an Adult leader that undertakes the Wood Badge program makes Scouting better.  Whether they take a lot out of it, or just a few things, they will surely take the Scouting spirit and a network of fantastic Scouters away from their course.
Wood Badge changed me in many ways, but certainly one of the biggest impacts it had on me was the friendships I made with folks that simply love Scouting!
I am looking forward to this upcoming Wood Badge course!  Going back to Gilwell will for me will be just as exciting as the first time!

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Congratulations. I too have been asked to be Troop Guide for our next course. Im really looking forward to the Gilwell experience from the other side of the flip-chart."I used to be a buffalo…"


  2. Yep this is my first time staffing. I put my hat in the ring twice before… but this is the first time I have had the chance (and time) to participate on staff..I used to be a Beaver!!!


  3. I absolutely loved taking the course and hope to return as staff in the near future. Unfortunately this will not be the year as I am on the NYLT staff this year.


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