The Podcast Gods

Maybe it was a sign, maybe it was a curse, maybe…. ahhh… its just technical Internet stuff… darn you Al Gore…
You may.. or may not have noticed that the SMM Podcast disappeared this week from iTunes.  Yeah.. POOF!! It just vanished into the bites and bits of the electronic world.. Gone, without notice or warning just gone.
I am not sure what happened, but on the eve of Show #66 being posted, the show was removed from iTunes.
But its fixed and back on the net, so sleep well tonight knowing that Scoutmaster Jerry is still out here on the left coast talking away into the mic and acting like he knows a few things about Scouting.
I hope this did not inconvenience anyone, and on behalf of iTunes and Al Gore, inventor of the Internet.. I humbly apologize.
So the show will go on… look for show #66, a discussion on backpacking meals and cooking gear this weekend.
Thanks for hanging in there.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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