Success for life, another Key

As Scoutmasters we are always trying to find creative ways to get the points of the Scout Oath and Law through to our Scouts.  We find ourselves being life coaches teaching our young men what it means to be a man, to make those ethical choices and always do the right thing.
When I was a Sergeant Major I was in a similar position trying to find ways to develop leaders, motivate soldiers, and make my Battalion a stronger high performance team.
Ultimately it came down to team work and three words:  Passion, Knowledge, and Accountability.  These three words I share with my Scouts now.
Passion.  Be passionate about your life.  Find what drives you and go for it.  Whether it is achieving the Eagle Award or being an Astronaut, you find your passion and drive your life in that direction.
As an adult my passion is my family and doing whatever it takes to make them happy, take care of them, and see them grow to be successful adults.  My Scout troop is one of my passions (along with Scouting in general).  It drives me to be a better Scoutmaster and give the attention needed to the unit and its Scouts.
Knowledge.  Once you know what your passion is, so whatever it takes to learn more about it, how to do it, and study that which will make you successful in it.  Know everything about your passion and you will be great at it.
Accountable.  No matter who you are, where you are, or what organization you are in, you will always be accountable to someone.  This should drive you to doing your very best and achieving the greatest results.
As a father I am accountable to my kids, as an employee I am accountable to my boss, who is accountable to his and so on.  Even the President is accountable to the people of America, and CEOs accountable to the share holders of the company.  There is no escaping accountability.. so do you very best and remember that others are counting on you to make the team a success.
A Quarterback can not get the play off till the Center snaps the ball to him, if the snap goes high the whole play is compromised.  If a member of a Patrol fails to bring his share of the food or a piece of gear to cook, the whole patrol suffers.  Accountability is a key to success in life.
I share this with our Scouts to aid them in growing into good men, men that live the Oath and Law and strive for success in life.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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