Doing your Good Turn Daily

When I was a Scout the tradition of placing the Scout Badge on upside down until you did you first Good Turn was alive and well.  Once you turned your badge our Scoutmaster would then give you a Good turn coin that you placed in your pocket and moved it to the opposite pocket once you did your good turn for the day.. and move it back after another good turn.. and so on.
It was a symbol, a reminder to live the ideals of Scouting in doing your good turn daily, which is synonymous with Scouting.  It is what the general public expects of Scouts if nothing else.
The ideals of Scouting embodied in doing that good turn are the qualities that make a successful man, they are promises that you make to yourself and live out in your daily life.
Finding the opportunities to do a good deed is easy, they are everywhere, you need only be watchful.  Keep your eyes open and your mind alert.
We now have 87 days in which to demonstrate in the spirit celebration our commitment to Scouting and living those ideals.
So what are you going to do today?
Yesterday, I found a few opportunities.  Giving directions to a couple that had become very lost was the first “Good turn”.  Then the one that I felt made the most difference, a family of Geese were trying to get across a busy street, so I moved my truck to block traffic allowing them to cross safely.  It was a neat sight and no one behind got upset as they too saw the geese and thought it (I imagine) a good thing to do.
The opportunities are all around you… seek them out.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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