SMM Podcast #64 – Talking Boy Scout Stuff!

Welcome Back to the SMM Podcast. In this show I had the privilege of chatting with a great group of Scouters.

We have decided to hold a monthly “BOY SCOUT” topic chat session here at PTCMedia. This was the first, and of course as the host, I hit the record button once the chat room moved into Skype. What happened was Scouting Podcast magic.. well… maybe not magic.. but a great discussion none the less. I look forward to doing the future, stay tuned for more details on that.
In this show you are going to hear some discussion on the Roles and Responsibilities of Scout leaders, Scoutmasters and Assistants in particular, Parent involvement, the Scout led Troop and how they plan, and more. Joining me for the first chat was; Clarke Green, Miss Emily, Miss Liberty, Scoutmaster Shawn, Steve O’Conner, Kenny Jenkins, Kevin Montano, and Adam Cox. The result.. good Scout talk… kinda like hanging out at the meeting in the parking lot after Roundtable.

Hope you like the show, it is a bit long.. but when you get that many Scouters talking.. well, you know how it goes.

Drop me a note at, leave feedback on itunes (we need the numbers to get Scouting at the top of the page) and of course leave a comment at!

You can listen to the show or download it here!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Cant wait to listen. Shawn tried to get me on the Skype (I was online that same time) but I was talking to my cousin about his wedding and a NYC trip this weekend. Looking forward to more of these!!!


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