Wow how time gets away

And before you know it it is the end of June… geez where does the time go?
Well let me give you an update of where I am.
First, the Jamboree experience is a lot more than I thought it would ever be, and we are not there yet.  21 days from today, I will be a happy Scouter with all the logistical issues, administrative tasks, and the building of a Troop behind me.  It will be time to just have fun at the Jamboree.
We have assembled a great Troop.  Fantastic young men that I am confident will assist me in having the time of my life.  We have a great SPL and equally great Junior leaders.  My Assistant Scoutmaster are among the finest Scouters I have worked with and the young men.  Well they are set for the adventure and experience of the 100th Anniversary National Jamboree.
Second, the home troop is doing well.  We continue to grow and develop and high adventure is the name of the game.  At our last PLC, the Scouts looked into increasing our high adventure activities and in August we will climb the third highest peak in Oregon, South Sister, part of the Three Sisters Mountains.
And finally, the Podcast is doing well.  Listener feedback is telling us that we are doing a good job and want more.. so you will get more.
I got a great new recorder for fathers day and am loving it.  It is the Zoom H2 digital recorder and the sound is fantastic!  So look for more shows and great topics.  If there is something you want to hear, let us know.  You can email me, leave me feedback here or at the PTCmedia forums or even use our Scoutmaster Minute Listener line at 206-350-5430.
I really want to hear from you with your ideas, suggestions, and comments.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Jerry,I like to download the mp3 file of your shows and listen when I walk in the evenings on an mp3 player. I am finding that harder and harder to do. The only link you give on your site is to PTC media, and it is hard to find the file there. Can you please post the mp3 file on the website?


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