A good lawn chair

Once again, I find myself way behind in the maintaining the blog and once again, it is not for a lack of ideas, thoughts, or want to… well anyway, lets get on with it…
Last night I had the pleasure of practicing one of the great truisms of Scouting.. taken from Scoutmaster Clarke Green’s podcast , “Put a group of Scoutmasters in a room and something happens, they start to talk.”
Well last night I got into a virtual room with Clarke and yep.. we talked.  And we talked.. and we talked.
But one of the great things about our conversation was the recurring theme that good Scoutmastering comes from the comfort of a good lawn chair.
The point here is that we teach, coach, train, and mentor the Scouts of our units and then get out of their way.  I am a firm believer in this concept.  And it has proven out over and over again that Scouts will absolutely amaze you with their problem solving ability, their leadership, and their creativity when you allow it.
One of the things that I appreciate about our discussion last night was the sharing of our Scouting philosophy and the simple fact that the program that we promote in our units, even though we are a country apart and have completely different styles, are the same.  We keep it simple and Youth led.
Youth leadership can not happen when they are hamstrung and given to many hoops to jump through.
We discussed the importance of allowing the youth leaders to set a course for the unit and that our role beyond teaching and coaching was to keep the Troop from heading into the ditch.  Keeping the Troop not necessarily centered in the road, but not in the ditch on either side.  Allowing the Scouts to bounce  down the road learning as they go, achieving success’s  and experiencing the taste of failure without getting hurt or in trouble.  There is much to be learned along the way and what I have learned and it was confirmed last night.. the Scouts do it so much better when we sit in a lawn chair and tell stories with our Scouter friends.  Read…. leave them alone.

More later.
Have a Great Scouting Day and look for our discussion to post in a podcast soon.
In the meantime, check out Clarkes last show here .
Follow him on twitter .
Check out his Blog

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