What a Difference 3 grand makes

As most of you know, this year I have the privilege of not only being the Scoutmaster of my home troop, but also a troop heading to the National Jamboree.
Now I am not saying that money buys success, attitude, or enthusiasm, but I  have noticed that about $3000 makes a pretty big difference.
I have a great home troop.  They are Scout led and into high adventure.  We have our challenges, but by and large it is a real fun troop and I am proud of the Scouts that are in it.
My Jamboree troop on the other hand is Fantastic in its own right.  I am completely surprised at how a group of young men from 9 different towns and cities, just as many schools, with only one thing in common, they were assigned to my troop by the council, can come together and gel like they have.
This last weekend our Jamboree troop held a camp out.  The intent of the camp out was two fold.  First was to set up and shake down all the gear.  Get familiar with it and learn how to work as a team setting it all up and taking it down.  The other objective of the camp out was to continue the bonding and team building of the Patrols and Troop.  A chance to get to know the tent mates and see how they would interact over a longer period of time than a few hours at a meeting.
They met every goal and exceeded my expectations.
What a difference $3000 makes.
These Scouts are all First Class to Eagle Scout in Rank, they all want to be there, and they are are looking for a great time.  And yeah.. either they or their parents paid $3000 for this once in a life time experience, and the Scouts act like it.
It is so easy to put together a troop when they all have the same goals, the same vision, and the same willingness to work toward those goals and visions.
Unlike the normal “home” troop where sports seasons, homework, and the need for self improvement (read advancement) tend to set an individual Scouts agenda, the Scouts of the Jamboree troop all have one common goal.  Go to Jamboree and have fun.
So what a difference $3000 makes… none really, but we can learn from this adventure.
We can learn a lot about vision and goal setting, we can learn a lot about what motivates young men, and we can learn a lot about how we as Scout leaders process information and assist youth leaders in team development.
A lot can be learned, but then again, a lot should be learned.. after all, we paid $3000.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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