the Scoutmaster Minute Show #55

The Scouting Heritage Merit Badge is a new merit badge and a great way to allow Scouts to learn about the rich history and heritage of not only the Boy Scouts of America but the Scouting movement.
Join Scoutmaster Jerry and his new co host Scott as they go through the requirements of the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.  This is a great listen for anyone looking into being a merit badge counselor for this Merit badge, as well as a peak into Scoutings rich history.
The first person to leave feedback on this show, either in the forum, the blog, or via email will receive a copy of Alvin Townley’s book Legacy of Honor.
This show is sponsored by Class
Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. I've been a Scout since 1964, been a Cubmaster in my son's pack, and now an Assistant Scoutmaster in his Troop (he's an ASM now, too).I've signed up as a counselor for the badge, and will use this podcast to guide me.Thanks, SM Jerry & Scott


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