Youth Protection Month

Ok, it’s Youth protection month and everyone should be checking their training cards to make sure they are current in their training.  The online version is actually pretty good and while it is a bit long, it sure is better than dedicating a Saturday Morning listening to a less than dynamic trainer ramble on about “this one time at Scout camp”…
But seriously, I want to address youth protection simply because I care a lot about the Scouts in my care.  These Scouts and their parents have a certain level of trust in our program and us as leaders and we owe it to them to protect their sons, and that extends way beyond the Pack or Troop.
It is well known that the Scouts of my unit are encouraged to have a level of comfort in me in trust that I will never harm them.. when I say that I mean they can call me and talk about what ever is on their minds, not the least of which if they are being abused, sexually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.  They know that I do genuinely care enough for them that I will take action.
I have had Scouts that were bullied at School and I was the person they were comfortable telling, I went to the School and addressed the concern with the Principle, had a lengthy talk with the parents and resolved the issue.
Now I would suggest that if you are not comfortable taking this type of action, don’t, but it is your responsibility as a leader to at least report it… yeah, even if it is not on “Scout time”.
OK… having said all of that.. I want to talk just a little bit about the current scandal that rocked our corner of the world this week.
I am not going to pull punches with my comments.. so if you are easily offended than leave now… just click away.. if this shocks you, I recommend you elevate your feet and treat for shock.
Back in the early ’80’s an Assistant Scoutmaster (a perverted sick individual) named Timur Dykes of a Troop Chartered by the LDS Church sexually molested a young man.. the victim will remain nameless in my blog.. if you are that interested you can read about it at this link and others.  Well as it appears he molested more than just this young man.. he did about 17 boys in all over the course of his tenure as an ASM.  That is bad in and of itself.. but here is what really gets me about the whole thing.  In the vain of Youth Protection… it came out in the trial that it was known that he did all this.  He was dismissed from the LDS Church by the Church.. BUT.. the dumb ass’s failed to remove him from the Scout unit.. nor did they report the incident to the Scout Executive which as per BSA policy is required.  Dykes continued to be an Assistant Scoutmaster even though everyone knew what had happened.
And why wait till now to report and sue?  Early 80’s all this happens, now the BSA is on the hook for 60% of the damage here?  What about the bone heads at the LDS church that failed to report and remove this sick bastard from his position?
The Boy Scouts of America has to pay $840,000, the Cascade Pacific Council is on the hook for $210,000, while the LDS church only has to pay $350,000 (which they have already scratched their check for their “portion”)
OK folks. before you start emailing about how I am railing on the Mormons.. I’m not.. I just think that they should be shouldering more of the blame here.

It’s Youth Protection month.. what does that mean to those of us that really do care for the Scouts that pass through our program?  It means we PROTECT them.
If you are not current.. Get that way.  If you are not trained.. Get that way.  If you are a perverted thug that preys on boys.. GET OUT.
You can get to the Boy Scouts Youth protection training by clicking here.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. There are no excuses for this. It is unfortunate that people in the LDS Church continue to be novice at the Scouting program when it has such a right legacy in the program. It is also ridiculous that they continue to think they know how the program works instead of really knowing how the program works. What Bishop or Scoutmaster would not have told an executive and then "fired" him from their BSA program? My heart aches at times for the LDS boys in the Scouting program because of the LDS BSA adult leaders. I have never met a bigger bunch of "know it alls" in my life.ChadLDS Varsity CoachLE, Texas


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