Character hurts

Sunday I had a discussion with a Scout in my Jamboree Troop, he was conflicted because of his commitments to both his High School band in which he is a leader, first chair and peer leader etc. and his opportunities to be a leader within our Jamboree troop.
You see, we have a camp out that is our final dress rehearsal before departing for Jamboree.  The camp out will be for the entire contingent from our Council, 13 troops geared up and ready for a great time at the National Jamboree.
That same weekend the High School band is traveling to Disneyland, a reward for outstanding performance and winning a bunch of awards.  This particular Scout has been instrumental (no pun intended) in getting the band where they are today.
The readers digest version of the story is that he is paid in full for both the National Jamboree, and the Band Trip to Disneyland.  He has dedicated as much time to Scouts as he has to band and therefore is reaping the benefits of being an Eagle Scout and a leader in the band.
Enter the conflict.
He must attend the All contingent camp out.. and he is torn as a leader for the Disney Trip.  What does he do?  His character is telling him that either way is a lose lose situation.  He is damned if he does, he is damned if he doesn’t.
The great part of this story is that the conflict is there.  This tells me that he is extremely conscientious and does not want to let either down.  He has an understanding of commitment and has the courage to make a decision that will lead him to letting one or the other down.  Now, neither is life or death, but what it demonstrates to me is that he has the Character to stand tall and do what is right.
He asked me what I thought he should do?  Not to use it as a cop out.. but my answer was to do what he thought was right.  And that either way he had my support.
He has made a good choice, and in this case, while it is lose lose to a certain degree… he is a winner and I think it has a lot to do with the development that he underwent on his way to becoming an Eagle.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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