Back to the Basics – DO

OK.. we know what we must BE, we know what we must KNOW and now it is time to DO
The Scoutmaster gives direction.. but understand this direction comes from many angles.  Unlike a conductor, the Scoutmaster is not standing in front directing the band, he is offering advise and using Guided Discovery to get the Scout thinking of the next move.  Direction as a good example of the Oath and Law and demonstrating Scout skills by example.. not doing it for the Scout.
The Scoutmaster sets the Scouts on the right path and is there for them, monitoring their progress to keep them heading in the direction they have set.
The Scoutmaster is a Coach.  Coaching the PLC and specifically the Senior Patrol Leader, so they can be successful.  Coaches do not score touchdowns, throw passes, or run the ball.. they stand on the side line and encourage, call a play now and again, and praise the team as they come to the bench…  So it is with the Scoutmaster, always encouraging, always on the side line for the Scouts.
The Scoutmaster supports the Scouts of his troop, providing opportunities and support always keeping in mind that it is the Scout that sets the direction and pace of his activity and advancement.  The Scoutmasters role is to be a resource and guide through the process… Many Scout leaders feel that support means doing for the boys what they should be doing for themselves.  Baden Powell was clear when he said, “Never do for a boy what the boy can do” Scouts learn by doing and in a supportive environment that provides opportunities for learning and success, the Scout will succeed.  By doing this the Scoutmaster empowers the Scout and they flourish.
And finally, the Scoutmaster MUST HAVE FUN.  Fun is contagious.  The more fun you have the more fun your troop will have.  I personally think there is more value in the fun factor than we recognize in Scouting.  Make fun your goal and encourage fun to be part of the PLC’s annual plan.  You do not have to over think fun.. you just have to do it.
And that is what a Scoutmaster must do!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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