the Absent minded Scoutmaster

Well.. not absent minded… but at least absent, and not for a lack of creativity or idea, it’s perhaps the worst excuse of all.. time.
I ranted and raved over people that use the time excuse some time ago.  At issue was people that say that they don’t have time for this or that.. well yeah.. yeah you do, it’s a matter of priorities.  There are 24 hours in every day, how you fill that time is up to you.  And so the argument goes.
I have been a bit lacks in my posting here at the Scoutmaster Minute, and like I said, not for lack of creativity or ideas.. it just has been an issue of priority.  I really enjoy writing for the blog and a value the feedback and understanding of some really great readers.
So let me tell you what’s up.
I have been doing a lot more for the podcast, as many of you know, the podcast has really taken a life of its own and all in a real good way.  I just completed my 51st show.  A show that turned out to be a three part show.  Mike Walton was my guest and we had a fantastic discussion.  What started out as an interview quickly became a discussion and ultimately just a couple Scouters talking.  Well, recording, editing, and getting it ready to post took some time.
My Troop has been real busy and winter camping has taken a huge hunk of time.  This year our troop added two additional winter camping experiences to the plan.  We are now two winter camp outs for the year in the books and we are having a ball.
My Jamboree troop is really ramping up activity on the route to Jambo too…   this will be an opportunity of a life time and I look forward to it… but I did not think that it would require this much work.  Phone calls, web updates, emails, camp outs, meetings, and building stuff.  Oh don’t get me wrong.. I’m not complaining, I would not change it at all.  But it is taking time, time that I am willing to give, but the problem is that I have had to slow down in other areas and unfortunately the blog has paid the price.
So what?
Well.. we are at a leveling time, Jambo activity has leveled off and a great committee is in place, the Scouts are working toward getting the activity planned and executed.  The podcast is doing well and I have a good routine going with that.  So back to blogging!!  Yeah!
I just thought I would share some of this with you all, I have received a lot of email lately asking about the blog, well rest assured it is alive and well also and will be coming at you a lot more frequently.

With that…
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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