Realizing the Full impact of Scouting

The other night I was invited to speak at a local Cub Scout Packs Blue and Gold Dinner.  It was a fantastic event and based on the amount of little Orange and Blue hats running around.. Scouting is and will be healthy for some time.
The Cubmaster asked if I could talk about the impact that Scouting has had on me.
Well, as I prepared I thought to myself that I could talk about the growth and maturity, I could talk about the sense of adventure, I could talk about the place I have been and the people I have met… but then it dawned on me.. I don’t know what the full impact Scouting has had on me… Yet… I’m not done.
So I talked about my Scouting life and let the audience draw a conclusion or two.
I talked about 1976 and marching in the Spirit of ’76 parade in Washington D.C. with my Bear Den.
I spoke of my very first camp out with a Boy Scout Troop at Manassas Bull Run.  Being a Scout in Holland and our trip with a group of Scouts from Holland, Germany, Britain, and Canada to the Baden Powell House in London.  Canoeing down a Bayou river in Louisiana or backpacking in places to numerous to mention in a blog.
Scouting took me places and introduced me to people that I may have never met or seen.
When I joined the Army, I was the only one in my Basic Training platoon that knew how to read a map and use a compass, I could stand in front of a group of strangers and talk without getting sick, I could cook and do basic first aid and I was confident enough to try anything once.
Had it not been for Scouting I may not have ever Scuba dived or Sky Dived, I may not have ever backpacked through the Denali National Park, I may not have ever become a Scoutmaster.
So the full impact?  I don’t know yet.
You know I have been to more summer camps as an adult than I had as a youth?  And I am having just as much fun.  Now I get to teach, coach and mentor young men and hope that they understand one day the impact of Scouting.
The answer is out there… I just can’t see the full impact yet.
Have a Great Scouting day!

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