A game…

Baden Powell called Scouting a “Game with a Purpose”.  The idea in that thought is that boys, young men, well heck.. even us older men, like to play games.  There is something about the boy that moves him toward playing, competing, having fun.
We need to remember this as we go through our process’s of Scoutmastership.  The most important question I ask in a Scoutmaster conference is are you having fun?
When we play we play for enjoyment, for a challenge, we play to have fun.  Now everyone’s view of fun will be different, but the bottom line is when we are having fun, we are enjoying were we are.
When we ask a Scout if he is having fun, the next question is why?  Out of the mouths of young men you will get a fair and honest answer.  Then you need to process that answer, if the answer is no.. I am not having fun and he tells you an honest “Why”, and you are hearing it over and over from a good sample of the Scouts in the unit, it may be time for change.
The PLC is your guide to fun.  Provide tools, resources, and the know how, and let them put together a fun plan that will meet both the Aims of Scouting and keep the Scouts engaged.
When we challenge Scouts, allow them to push some of their physical limits, give them the opportunity to lead and make decisions, and have fun with their friends, we have healthy units.
When we play the game, our Scouts are happy and are having fun.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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