Centennial Badges of Rank

I do not want to kick the horse to death, every blogger out there has made a comment or had an opinion on the new Centennial Badges of Rank.. so here is my take..
Short and sweet.. I thought at first that the BSA could have some up with something “Cooler” for the centennial year if they were going to change the ranks at all…
But now that I have seen the actual badges.. I like them.  I especially like the Eagle Badge.
Looking at the bigger picture, a Scout that does earn this award this year is going to have something special and extremely memorable that will last a life time.  Regardless of what the badge looks like, the accomplishment is there and he can wear it with pride forever.
I have two sons that are nearing completion of the requirements for the Eagle Award, I am proud of them and will be honored to see them earn this life changing award.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. I like the new badge for the Eagle Scout. It's not a huge change, but allows the boys who earn this rank in this special year of Scouting a little something extra. I think they are great.


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