Trekking Poles

When I hike or hit the trail on a nice backpacking trip I always use trekking poles.  They are great little tools that help climb hills, steady myself through rocky terrain, ease the load when descending and generally, they keep me balanced.
Some people use one trekking pole or staff, personally, I think that two poles are better as they provide better balance in the long run.
We can look at the Scout Oath and Law like the trekking poles of our life.
The Oath and Law provide balance, stability, and ease the load of our lives.  The Law is there to ease the load when we are descending in our decision making, it is there when we face the tough climbs of our life and it is there to steady us when we cross rocky terrain.
The same is true with the Scout Oath… my other pole.  It provides balance and steadies me in my life.  As I climb it is there to remind me to be physically Strong.  When I am descending it reminds me to be Morally straight.  And when I am traversing some rough terrain it is there to remind me to be Mentally Awake.
As I hike through life with my trekking poles,  the Oath and Law tell me to always do My Best.
The Scout Oath and Law are great tools to help me make it through the hike of life.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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