Cold Weather Camp Card

This is the Cold Weather Camping Fact sheet or help card that we use at my Troop.
It is a nice tool for teaching cold weather camping to the Scouts.  We find it helpful to the Scouts so they can use it as a reference sheet.
We print them and laminate them.. they are light weight and fit nice in the pack.
Again, its a nice tool for teaching and reenforcing cold weather skills and first aid.
Download it here.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

NOTE:  12-31-09 revised Cold Weather Camping card posted.  If you have a version prior to this date.. Download the newer card.  Thanks


  1. Please publish the source for that, so we can update it.For example, current first aid practice does not recommend putting a second person in the sleeping bag.Modern practice is a hypothermia wrap or hypothermia "burrito". Lay down a tarp, then two sleeping pads, then one sleeping bag. Put the person on that, in a sleeping bag, with hot water bottles. Put another sleeping bag on top and wrap the tarp.If a bottle is too hot (someone boiled the water), pull a sock over it.See: "two people" approach has a lot of problems. Is there is a sleeping bag big enough? Do you risk getting two hypothermic people? [yes] Do you keep the heat donor in there when you evac? [twice as heavy]See discussion here:


  2. We really enforce the "NEVER WEAR COTTON". I have sent Scouts home from the parking lot for showing up in jeans or a cotton sweatshirt. It's not such a big deal in our very dry summers, but it is a safety violation in the winter. I just won't accept responsibility for keeping a Scout warm if they are wearing jeans and a cotton sweatshirt. Our troop says "Cotton Kills".Great card, and I'd love to see an updated and editable version.The latest Fieldbook has a good section on cold weather camping, so you might want to scan that for official BSA advice.Thanks!


  3. Oh, troop meeting idea for cotton. Bring a big tub of water, a pair of jeans, and a pair of BSA sidewinder pants. Have the guys soak them and feel how much water they hold, then try to squeeze it out.Also, Scouts have no idea at all about which clothes contain cotton. Have them all take off their jackets and read the label. Prizes for the patrol with the least cotton, maybe.


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