Three Keys for Success in life…

I heard an inspirational message from Lou Holtz, former great Football Coach.
He took great pride in teaching young men to be outstanding athletes, citizens, and gentlemen.
He shares three keys to success in life.. this is time tested and true.

1.  Always do the right thing.  Know what right looks like and always do the right thing.  In Scouting, we have the Scout Oath and Law to guide us down the right path of life.

2.  Always do your best.. Good is not Good enough.. DO YOUR BEST always.  You should always give your BEST effort.  Anything in life that is worth doing is worth 100% of your effort.  Never be afraid of hard work.  It pays in the end… but you must always DO YOUR BEST.

3.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  The golden rule.  Just think of how the peaceful the world would be if people just acted according to this simple rule.  Being unselfish, kind, respectful, Helpful, and courteous.  I can imagine a world community that would be without wars, hunger, pain and suffering.. but it all starts with people treating people right.

With those three keys you are guaranteed to be a success in life.  Your relationships, business dealings, Adventures, and Personal life will be full of enjoyment, success and happiness.

Try it.. it works.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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