Building the High Performance Team

Let me share with you a story about a High Performance team.
I recently had the opportunity to help coach a football team.  This team was made up from 14 year olds from all over the Portland/Metro area.  35 young men that came together on a football field with one thing in common… they loved to play football.
They came from different Social environments, different economic backgrounds, different races, different education opportunities, different family lives… but they all loved to play football.
There were African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, and many other ethic backgrounds.. but they all loved to play football.
The head coach was a man that has spent a good share of his adulthood working with inner city youth.  He had a dynamic style of motivation and from what I observed in our short time together a great teacher of fundamental football skills.
This group of 35 young men were challenged to go up to Washington and win a championship game in an All Star tournament.
In 8 days this group of young men became a team.. not just any team.. but a high performance team.  They never played together, they knew different offenses, different defensive schemes, and were used to different coaching styles.. but they all had the want to win.
In 8 days they came together with a common vision.. to win.
In 8 days they came together with common goals, a common purpose and clear direction.
In 8 days they traveled to Auburn, Washington and won the championship 42-6 against a team that clearly had them outmatched.
The high performance team came to life because of leadership that knew about Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.  It came together with a common goal with team members that knew what they wanted the end result to be.  They understood that working together they could accomplish what they wanted.. to win.
Now lets equate that to our Patrols.
They have a lot more in common than just love of a game.
They have a bond that typically has lasted for years.
They have a common purpose.
They have common values.
They are members of a team.
They …. well.. you get the point…
So why are they not all High performance teams?
Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.. that is the key to leadership and building the high performance team.  A simple formula that works every time when applied properly and bought into by they whole team.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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