We never quit learning

To the dismay of my kids and most… it is true that we never stops learning.  No, not always in a class room, but as we move through life there are ample opportunities to learn and to continue to grow.  This last weekend I was asked to be a speaker at the closing camp fire at our Districts Webelos Woods event.  I was asked to speak about the “Treasures of Scouting” which was the theme for the event.
So I asked myself, what are the treasures of Scouting?  The answer came clear, well as clear as it could as I thought about my days as a Scout when I was young.  The many opportunities I had living overseas and being a Scout in the Transatlantic Council, the people I met and the places I got to see.  Then as a Scout in Loiusiana, summer camp at Camp Edgewood and developing leadership as a Senior Patrol leader.
Then, a 7 year old boy bringing home a flyer to join Scouts and the opportunities that opened up for me and I began my journey as a Scouter.
The point here is that I had many opportunities and one of the common denominators I realized is that through this Scouting experience I have never stopped learning.  I learned as a Scout.  Skills, leadership, and teamwork.  I am learning as a Scouter.  I have learned about kids with disabilities, how to be a more effective teacher, and how to lead in different ways.  I continue to polish my skills and practice them while I teach and coach young men.
One of the biggest things that I continue to discover is that these young men that join Scouts and learn and grow are fantastic kids.  The impress me, they never cease to amaze, and they step up when you least expect them to.  They are good kids that try hard and while they tend to look lazy or shy, when the time comes they always rise to the occasion.
So I never stop learning, and neither do they.. or you.
So what is the Treasures of Scouting?  Opportunities, Fun, Adventure, Learning?  Yep.  The treasure is what you find in Scouting and how Scouting shapes you.  It will be different for all of you.. Scouting itself is the treasure.
Keep learning.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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