A recent Comment

I recently received a comment from a fellow named Scott.  He was commenting on the “Self express yourself out” post.
He writes; “You should also be clear about not judging without being judged. We have Scouts from in our city Troop waiting for you to point out how they don’t fit in. Goth and other tattoo’ed skaters have gradually dropped their old identities but the others assume. They need Scouting more than our own kids and we need to make space for their maturing. Not judging them, like Christ, has made it possible to connect and realize their identities are not about surface stuff but relationships.”
And Scott.. I would not argue with your point.  My point was not that it is ok to judge, but that it is happening all around and with that knowledge, one should be prepared for the way it is.
I am not an employer nor am I in a position to exclude anyone from anything.  Simply put.  I was in a situation were I chanced upon a young man that was looking for work.  I gave him the best advice I could for trying to get a job with the company I work for.  They have rules and regulations that I am to live by daily.  Me telling him to loose the piercing’ was not in judgement, but in an effort to help him achieve his goal of employment.  I am in total agreement that there are many youth out there in need of Scouting, that is why most of us volunteer countless hours to help them get the most out of their Scouting experience.  I further agree with your take on relationships.  You are spot on there.
If there are Scouts looking for me to answer how they fit in.. well that one is simple.  Just fit in.  Live the Scout oath and law daily.  In the end they will fit in nicely.  I will never tell them that they don’t fit in.  Deep down boys are boys, I don’t care if they ride a skate board or a pogo stick.  I don’t care if they dress in black, blue or have little alligators on their shirts… they are all boys and need mentoring, coaching, and to be taught life skills.
And Scott, finally I agree that one who judges is also subject to judgement.  I try not to judge, as indicated in my post.. I was the one that said hi to the young man.  I did not look down on him and blow him off as I past.  Anyway, I hope that clarifies some of the concerns you may have had.

Scott.. and Everyone…
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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