Scouting in real life

WHAT?  Real life?  Isn’t Scouting part of your life all the time?  Well you did make a promise to live the Scout Oath and Law, and to do your DUTY, and at the very least to do your best… Right?
Now I am going to tell you a story the content of which I am extremely biased.
The story is about what it takes to make a high performance team.  Simply put it takes a common vision and goals and the willingness of ALL the team members to achieve them.  Once the team discovers that working together they can achieve those goals, the sky becomes the limit.
My youngest son is a pretty good football player.  He has been playing football since the 3rd grade and works real hard to get better.  Last year his Middle School team went undefeated, the team seemed to be unstoppable.  Most of those same guys are on this years team, although there have been many new guys introduced into the team.  They all have individual talents on the field and with the confidence of winning it all last season.. they took the field for their first game.  Individually they made some spectacular plays, but at the end of the day they lost the game.  They were beat because they were not playing as a team.  That week in practice the Quarterback (my son) huddled the team up and told them they needed to get it together and start playing like a team, he reminded them of their talents and of the score of the last game.  He shared with them something he had picked up in Boy Scouts at Junior Leader Training about the high performance team.  He simply reminded them that if the line does not block and open up holes, the running back can’t gain yards.  If blocks are not held, passes can’t get off.  If the the throw is not accurate, the receivers can’t make a play, if the defense does not hit hard and tackle, the team gets in a hole.  He told them that it was up to them to decide whether or not they wanted to buy into the goal of the team, to win.  Each and every one of them had to make a decision every time they put their helmets on to play for the team, or play for themselves.
Since that first game the defense has not allowed a point.  The offense has outscored their opponents 86-0.  The team looks like a fine tuned machine, an unstoppable group that works together, has a tight bond, and is having fun playing a game.
Scouting teaches up through the patrol method that working together we can and will accomplish anything.  Setting goals and having a vision that everyone can buy into will move the patrol in a direction that will lead them to success.  It takes a spark, a motivated leader to remind the team that they are good and that they can be the best.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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