The Internet

Last night at our Troop meeting we took a few minutes to talk about this crazy thing called the internet.
The Internet is a wonderful thing, I wish we had it when I was a kid.  Homework help, research resources, and social networking are just a few things that I would have enjoyed, and enjoy now.  But just as much positive the internet offers there is a negative side too.  And this is where we need our Scouts to be careful.
I talked a lot about Social networks last night.  Facebook, Myspace, and yes even the Boy Scouts of America’s own online community.  We talked about how much fun it is to be in touch with friends, let folks know whats going on and promote yourself or an organization using these networks and that they can really be a positive thing.  But again, we need to proceed with caution.
Most of my Scouts know that I am on facebook, heck many of them are “Friends”.  And here is what the message was to the Scouts.
We have a responsibilty to ourselves, to our families, and the BSA to represent all of them well on the internet.
Posting questionable material on the net and then saying “I am a Boy Scout” is not representing Scouting or yourself well.
I have to be careful because I am a Scoutmaster.  Many of the Scouts in my troop read the blog and visit my facebook.  I can’t tell them to be young men of character and then do the opposite on the internet.
There is plenty of “bad” stuff on the net, those of us in Scouting need not add to it.
We should always represent Scouting well in a positive light.
The internet is a wonderful thing.  I love it.  But we need to be safe on it.  We need to be aware that there  are things on the net not worth our time.
I like the idea that the BSA is focusing some energy in getting Scouts more aware through advancement requirements that require the Scout to learn more about the internet and internet safety.
Work with your Scouts on this, and be a positive role model, even on the internet.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Good post. I used to be Facebook friends with several of the boys in my troop (I'm the Scoutmaster). But while I can control what I put on Facebook it is a lot harder to control all of my friends. They may very well post inappropriate things to my posts and there isn't a lot I can do. Because of that I "un-friended" all of the boys in my troop. But I'm still facebook friends with a lot of their parents.


  2. Couldn't agree more!The internet is a wonderful resource with many uses.But, as you say, we as Leaders must always set an example and be positive and remember we are the public face of Scouting.All the bestNick


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