And on the 6th Day…

God created Football.
Yes fans its Saturday in the fall and time to settle in for football.  As I laid out this season, which games I could not miss, the teams that have the best shot at a National title, and interesting story lines, I got caught up in what Football really is.  It is a metaphor of life.
You see in order to make a run at the National Championship you need to have a great team.  Teams are made up of individuals that have a vision, a goal, and a way to get there.  The sum is greater than the parts on a team, but it takes indivuals pulling together with a single purpose to achieve their goal of winning.
For the individual Football is a challenge, a test.  It pushes the player to limits that his body and mind must endure to achieve the goal.  This a test of his will and character.
The individual player must recogonize that being a part of the team is more important than individual stats and fame.  Along the way the player is going to be hit, knocked down, and stomped on.  It is what he does next that is the test.  When he pops back up and makes his way to the huddle, dusts himself off and readies himself for the next play he demonstrates his will.. his character.  And it does not matter how many times he is knocked down.. what matters is how many times he picks himself up, shakes it off and moves on.
In life we are knocked down and tested every day.  Weather it is family strife, financial woes, or just every day drama at work, how we pick our selves up is the important part.
How we act as a member of a team, a patrol, a group of Scout leaders, or a family, that is what is important.  Setting goals and achieving success as a team is what we will use to measure ourselves one day.
So when God created football on the 6th day.. he created the metaphor for life…. Like Scouting it is a game with a purpose, how you play that game is up to you and if you play it right, you will be a Champion.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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