Example? Character? Leadership?

In today’s paper there was a disturbing article about 5 Coaches from a High School in Portland that seem to  forgotten that they have a certain level of responsibility when it comes to their behavior.
One of the men was the Basketball coach, it seems that he has an affliction for drinking and driving, and when charged with DUII finds nothing wrong with his actions.
One of the men was the Baseball coach, it seems he lacks the basic knowledge of time and place and appropriate venues.  He decided to take a few of his high school players to a strip club in Las Vegas over Spring break.
Finally, the last three… lets call them “Gentlemen” were arrested together after a night on the town.  They were so disorderly that they had to be pepper sprayed and placed in Detox.
So what do they all have in common other than working at the same School and have a certain lack of Character?  Well.. I really don’t know.. but what else do we really need to know?
You see, I believe that I have an obligation as a person that works with youth to watch my actions.
Before anyone jumps on me.. No… I am no angel.. But I have never been in Jail, in the Newspaper for questionable acts, or seen in public in a less than desirable way.
Why.. because I can’t.  There are families that count on me to be a man of Character.  I am a Scoutmaster.   There are Scouts that count on me to walk the talk.  It would be easy to teach values and then turn my back on them, but what is the lesson.. that what is good for goose is not good for the gander?
And that is the point.  People that take it upon themselves to be in a position that requires being a role model should act like it.  Coaches, teachers, Scout leaders, Pastors, and youth leaders should understand that everything they do is under the microscope.  Right or Wrong.. that is the way it is… Like it or not.
We have to be aware of our time and place.  I have been to social events, sports everts were beer is available and emotions run wild.  It is my job to be aware of where I am and what I am doing.  I was at such an event recently.  I had a beer, I enjoy one every once in a while.  About half way through the event one of my Scouts and his parents showed up and said hello.  They could tell that I was having a good time, and that I was in no way out of control.  We talked for a bit and even talked about some patrons that were displaying out of control behavior.  There son said that he never imagined that I drank beer.  I had to tell him that it was ok to have one on occassion, but you have to be responsible.
I take it very serious how I am looked at while in public.  I would never want to be a black eye to the BSA or my Troop.. but more important, I want to maintain the relationship of trust that I have with the families of the Scouts that are in my care.
So what about these Coaches.. they all need to check themselves.  They have a lack of Character and are not the examples that they are supposed to be.  If my son played in their teams, I would be extremely upset and look for replacements.
Be a good Example!
Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. All very true Jerry. It's an appalling thing to read in a newspaper 'Scout Leader (Master) arrested for…….' as no matter what you do or who you are, the fact that you're a Scout Leader always comes up.If that situation occurs, then not only are you letting yourself down, but you let down your Troop, Group (in our case) and the whole of Scouting – not good!I am surprised that those Coaches could have been that stupid though!


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