An Honored Veteran

On our last Backpacking Trip we took along with us some honored Veterans.  They had served their country with honor and dignity for years and it was fitting to take them on this last adventure for their retirement.

The Scouts built a really nice fire, got it hot and established a nice bed of coals.  When the time was right we all stood around the fire and talked about our friend.. Old Glory.
This massing of cloth, red, white, and blue, the stars fading and a little tattered here and there had served for many years.  It flew on a flag pole day and night, it had a light on it when the sun went down and came inside when the weather got really bad.  the house it stood watch over was in a pleasant neighborhood, much like any other.  Where kids played and lawns were mowed on Saturday mornings.  Where garage sales brought strangers into the neighborhood, but they were friendly.  A place were lawn signs supported their favorite candidate and Friday nights saw the community supporting the high school football team.
This honored Veteran stood tall and steadfast.  He never flinched.  He never disgraced that which he represented, He was proud and asked for nothing in return.
It was my turn to talk about our guest.  I talked about him being a symbol of my home.  I spoke of one of his brothers that flew over our camp in Iraq.  A beacon that led me to safety each day.  A banner that greeted me when I got home, and a flag that makes me proud when I see it waving in the breeze.  It is a flag that seems to appear when things are great, waving in parades and standing as a sentinel as a reminder that we are America.  It is always there when things get tough to.  Today is September 11th.  8 years ago after we were attacked.. it was the flag that brought this country together.  Flags were everywhere.. on cars.. houses.. and on t-shirts.  Old Glory was the symbol that connected an America that just got smacked in the face.
We unfolded our friend and gave him a final salute.  He was laid to rest in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  He served his Country well.
God Bless America.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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