When do I get results?

I was talking to a couple parents of Scouts in my Troop the other night when the discussion led to when they would see the results of Scouting in their sons?

It made me think a little about just when Scouting manifests itself in our boys, or the boys that pass through our Troops.  
The answer is not a simple one because it is dependant on the young man and the situations that he finds himself as he negotiates life.
I shared with the parents that Scouting did not manifest itself in me until I was in my 20’s and away from home.  I realized what Scouting had taught me, skills like map and compass, first aid, and cooking.  I took Scouting’s values with me when I entered the Army and developed a better understanding of loyalty and obedience.  As I became an adult I understood those values and demonstrated them more frequently.  I could see that between the up bringing of my family and the things I learned in Scouting, I was becoming the man that my Scoutmaster had hoped we all would become.
And now I am a Scoutmaster and I have that same hope for the boys in my Troop.  I see development of skills every time we go camping.  I see a strong sense of citizenship when we retire flags and participate in civic events as a troop.  As these boys grow physically I see them getting stronger and in better shape.  I can see how they do better each time we hike and that what was hard last year is no longer a daunting task.
So when does Scouting manifest in our boys?  I don’t know.. but I do know that it does.. some day.. some time.. it will.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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