To Blog.. or Not to Blog… that is the question?

Not quite Shakespeare.. But it’s all I had…

Yesterday while listening to the radio at work the talk show host began a rant on Bloggers.  Actually, he always rants on bloggers because he is a writer for the local fish wrapper and feels that blogging has in many ways destroyed the “Legitimate News media”.  And while he may have a point regarding news, I think he misses the point in many other areas.  Specifically he rants about those that blog about Sports, Sports teams, and events that occur within Sporting venues and that a guy goes to a football game, then runs home and blogs about it… hardly news in his opinion, but hardly news in the bloggers opinion in most cases.  I think (therefore I am one) that most bloggers are doing just that.. offering up an opinion.
Those of you that read the Scoutmaster Minute know that I share MY OPINION regularly.  I do not represent the Boy Scouts of America, however I try to present Scouting in a positive light.  So my local talk show host is a bit off.. or maybe he feels that blogging will one day threaten his writing in the paper.. or maybe.. just maybe he will have to start blogging.
So to blog or not to blog?  Not really a tough one to answer.  We keep on sharing our opinions.. that’s what it’s all about.  Agree or disagree.. that’s a matter of choice, like turning a channel on a TV, if I don’t like it I turn it off.   If he feels threatened.. well maybe it is time to check the calender and note that it is 2009 and that the new “Main stream media” is all of us…. Not just the alphabet networks.  Blogs, Youtube, and Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace are here and are providing wonderful alternatives on the internet to the same old stuff.
Thanks for reading my blog.. I really appreciate it.
Have a Great Scouting Day! 

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  1. The think the chap on the radio forgets he has the ability to communicate and put forward HIS opinion to a very wide audience via his radio show.I know that I will never have a radio show on a national or local radio station, but I can put out a podcast or blog, with my opinion and thoughts. I may talk utter rubbish at times, but at least it's MY rubbish! If people read or listen to what I have to say then it's very flattering. If they leave comments, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me or adding new points then even better.What we do is the same as the radio bloke, but in a smaller 'cottage industry' way. The only difference is we can't be thrown off our own blogs!Thanks for writing your blog. I appreciate it!


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