So what’s in My Backpack?

NOTE: I am updating this post to reflect some questions/comments that I have received (8-28-09)

What’s in My Backpack. 

Most Backpackers are always tweeking their gear, replacing old stuff with new, looking for lighter, tougher, more useful (multi use) and of course just plain cool gear.

Recently I upgraded some gear, namely my backpack.

After years of carrying my Kelty External Frame Tioga 5500 I have switched to an internal frame pack.  Now, before anyone says I jumped ship on my philosophy of External frame packs being better for younger bodies or beginning Backpackers.. Stop.  I still believe that.  External frame packs offer a much easier platform for the beginner and the young Scout to load and carry.

I have been looking for about a year now and finally fell in love with a pack I could not live without.

Loading it and walking around with it, doing the homework to see what its capabilities are and what I won’t be able to do with it.  Looking at all my gear and how I use it and what I use it for.

A couple things I am not willing to sacrifice some comfort and safety.  So I am willing to carry a little extra to stay comfortable and safe. 

So here is what is in my Pack Now. 

Pack:  Mountain Hard wear Koa 55
Camptrials pack cover
Tent: MSR Hubba
Sleeping Bag: Marmot Sawtooth 15 degree
Bag liner (10 Extra degrees)
Sleeping Pad: Thermarest Z lite
Water pump: MSR Sweetwater

Cook gear:
Stove:  Snow Peak Giga Power
GSI Soloist cook system
Guyot Designs -The Utensils (Spork and Spatula)

Platypus Water Bladders (2 Liters X 2)

Fuel canister

Little Stuff:
Compass- Silva
Light My Fire Fire steel Scout
REI Storm Proof matches
First Aid kit  (personalized)

Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Trail
Snow Shoes: Tubbs Sojourn 25

Gerber Pocket knife (not in pack)

Small role of Toilet paper
Personal kit (toothbrush, toothpaste)

Small Bic lighter

3 Seasons-
Sock liners (1 pair)
Wool Socks (cushion) 2 Pair
Cool max (Under armor) shirt

Long Sleeve sweat wicking shirt

Mountain Hard wear beanie

Marmot light gloves

Fleece Pullover


Columbia Outer Shell

Fleece pullover

Poly Propylene tops and bottoms

Wool socks (3 pair)

sock liners (2 pair)

Mountain Hard wear gaiters- Gaiters I have found to be an essential part of my gear.  I actually wear them in more than just the winter.  I love them when trekking through meadows and in rocky areas as they keep my legs dry and keep little things from getting into my boots.  They work great in the winter keeping snow out of my boots and keeping my laces dry.
Rain gear: Frog Togg Dri Duck top and bottom


  1. This is a great list. It's good to see a list like this for reference. I love my Thermarest Z lite as well!I'll likely be making the transition from external to internal frame next season. I'll have to add the Koa 55 to the list.Do you find the gaiters to be essential? That's the only type of gear I don't own from your list.


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