Response to a comment

I received a comment on my post about Backpacking Trip planning made easy.  The Reader asked a few questions I would love to answer.

Here is his comment:
Oregon must be a great place for backpacking. Tell us how far you have to go to get to the trail heads around you. And how far is too far away for a weekend camping trek.

I live in the midwest, in a plains state, and have to travel hours to get to even the Ozarks in Arkansas to find more than a 2 mile wilderness trail. Do you go 3 or 4 hours from home base? More than 150 to 200 miles? Do you camp at a park the first night and hit the trail in the morning? Or do you hike a bit at night and camp on the trail? 

Yep Oregon is an amazing place to be a backpacker.  We have a lot of wilderness area and hundreds of miles of trail.  Not to mention the famous Pacific Crest Trail.
In so far as distance and time travel to get to the nearest trail head.  I can be on the Pacific Crest trail in 25 minutes from my front door.  Within a 30 minute drive I can be on any number of trails and fantastic weekend adventures.
Mt. Hood is 45 minutes away, and on it are an endless amount of backpacking opportunities.  In fact my Troop will be backpacking the Historic Barlow Trail over the labor day weekend.  The trail head is 40 minutes from my house.  I live in a suburb of Portland.  From our Troops meeting place (which is 5 miles from my home) we can be backpacking in Central Oregon’s high desert in 2 hours, on a trek at the Oregon Coast in 2 and half hours, and hitting the trail in the Cascades Mountain range in 40 minutes.  So time and distance is not a problem here.
We typically camp at the trail head or a park close by on Friday nights, then hit the trail in the morning.
Thanks for the comments, glad I can answer the questions for you.
Get out and hike…
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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