Packing your Tent

I have talked about it before.. but I love to pass on “Expert” advice on backpacking and camping gear.  I always tell the Scouts that if you take care of your gear it will take care of you.  Your tent is more than likely the most expensive or at least in the top three most expensive items you have in your gear collection.  If you take care of it.. it will last a long time.

I carry the MSR Hubba, and have for some time.  It is as good today as the day I purchased it, and has many, many nights under the stars.
Here is an older video on how to pack away your tent, plus some tips on care.  In case you don’t believe what I tell you (speaking to my Scouts)… this is the Editor of Backpacker Magazine.  Enjoy the video.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. odd, this seems to contradict what backpacker wrote in their 2008 gear guide but then again techniques change, anyways in the gear guide they wrote that stuffing is bad practice insists mountain hardwear product manager Chris Hillard. to make a long story short, According to this guy, rolling is better than stuffing, who knew


  2. I take care of my tent zippers, but not by stuffing the tent.First, try to fold the tent so that the first fold does not cross a zipper. Keep the zippers flat for as many folds as you can.Second, fold to keep the dirty floor touching only other parts of the dirty floor.Third, try to align the zippers along the direction of the final roll.Fourth, take the same care with the fly and lay it out next to the tent, so you'll be able to roll it around the inner tent.Fifth, roll with the tent poles in the center to avoid tight folds in the center, then keep rolling to wrap the fly around the rolled tent. If the fly is wet, pack it separately.Finally, change it up a bit to avoid lots of creases.I mostly use a tarp now, but I do this for our family tent, and it has kept our 1970's Gerry Backpacker tent in good shape all these years.


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