Summer Camp reflection

Back from a week at summer camp.  The event of the year when everything comes together, a time to practice the patrol method.  To live as a patrol, hanging out with friends, testing skills, learning new ones and just plain having fun.

Our week at Camp Pigott was no exception.  28 Scouts ventured 4 hours north to a great little camp in the Chief Seattle Council.  We have never been there before and so the buzz for the trip was electric.  
The message of the week was to create memories.  Our mantra “Memories.. not merit badges” became our theme for the week and the Scouts of Troop 664 lived up to it.  Our feeling was that the Scouting experience should be all about memories not that merit badges are not important, the memories would lead to advancement and merit badges.  That too proved to be true.
28 Scouts hiked into camp.. 28 Scouts marched out of camp with memories and experiences that they will not soon forget.
For some it was the first time they ever spent a week away from home without their parents.  For some it was the first time they shot a rifle, a bow, or threw a tomahawk.  For some it was the first time they shot a shot gun.  For some of the Scouts it was the first time they cooked over an open fire, swam in a lake, rowed a boat, swamped a canoe, swam a mile, or negotiated a C.O.P.E course.   It was all about memories.
First year Scouts learned tools that will last a life time.  Older Scouts developed leadership and had opportunities to try new skills and adventures.  All in all it was a camp that gave us everything we were looking for.
Tuesday night our troop was invited to a “Friendship Campfire” from another Troop in camp.  They were a troop from the local council.  They were fine hosts.  We sang, told jokes and riddles, and shared in a great Scouting tradition, vespers.  Later in the week the troop showed it’s colors by participating in the camp wide events.  We won the big “Rendezvous Relay” and our reward for winning was watching their Scoutmaster get swamped in a row boat.  A great time was had by all.  The picture above is of the relay team that sent the Scoutmaster (me) into the middle of the lake.  The event demonstrated some great team work and a willingness to push themselves for the good of the Troop.  With a cheerful spirit they ran, paddled, rowed, and swam to victory.
But victory’s, merit badges, awards, and miles swam can be summed up in memories.  Reflecting back on our week at summer camp I can say that if memories were points, we won by a land slide.
The Scouts of Troop 664 made me proud.  
There are so many memories that it would take a blog in and of itself to document them all… and that is what I call a great week at summer camp.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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