You can lead a horse to water….

But you need to motivate him to drink.

Recently we had a fantastic camp out on the gorgeous Oregon Coast.  During that camp out we held a contest or competition on cooking a backpacking dinner.  The Scouts were judged on planning, preparation, presentation and cooking, and clean up.  It was not that the scouts of our troop never ate, but we have seen in recent months a decline in the planning and preparation of their meals.  So we motivated them by holding a contest.  And it worked.
The Contest proved that when motivated, by whatever… because we never told them what the prize was… the Scout could and would do anything, and correctly.
The Troop came out on the trip with not only the meal being judged, but all of their meals perfectly planned and executed.  They had taken the extra time to prepare the meals, getting ride of extra trash, pre mixing, and bagging the meals for easy preparation in camp.  They showed up with meals that were not only easy to cook and clean up, up hearty and tasty too.  The meals met all of the expectations of the leaders of our Troop and why we held this simple contest. 
Oh the winners… they will be announced at the Court of Honor after Summer camp.  Nothing like a little suspense to keep things fresh.
But it proved my point.. you can lead a horse to water.. but you need to motivate him to drink.  With the right motivation a Scout can do anything.  It is the leaders job to provide Purpose, Direction, and Motivation to his unit.  Doing that will ensure success in any task and lead to a unit that is prepared, motivated, and having fun!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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