I want to extend a Happy Independence Day to the Scoutmaster Minute Family.

This is a celebration of Character, Determination, and Will.  
This nation was born not because of of a piece of land, but because men (and women) were willing to stand for right.  Our founding Fathers were all men of Character, we can debate habits and other social ill’s later, but by and large they were men of principle that were willing to selflessly sacrifice everything to gain independence and to start a free and prosperous country.
They were men that were determined to live free from the rule of a monarch.  They understood the value of a representative form of government and that the people should rule, not be ruled.
I once heard that if our republic (the United States) failed it would be the last Republic on Earth.  And it has remained.  It is the model of the Republican form were our representatives execute the will of the people.  It has been tested that is for sure, but remains the beacon the world looks to see what right looks like.  Some hate it, some wish they could be like it, but the fact remains that our Nation stands as a example for all to see.  We may not always be right to 100% of the people, but that is why we hold free elections.
So have a Great time this Independence Day Weekend.  Be Safe!  Celebrate the Birth of the greatest Nation on Earth and thank God you were born here!
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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