I will never apologize for…

There is a great little book available called The Scoutmaster Minute, Your handbook for inspiring moments by Ron Wendel.

I like this little book, fits well in the pack and it has saved my bacon a time or two when I needed something quick at a camp fire or at the end of a meeting.  I am not here to sell the book, but it is worth the six bucks.
At times I like to scan the pages and see the inspirational quotes or comments from the authors on area of Scouting that seem to hit home with our Troop.  That I have a peeve for “Rediscovering” that which someone else has done a fantastic job communicating.
Tonight, in particular I stumbled upon one that I use and added to.
I goes like this;
We all make mistakes. We all say or do things that sooner or later we come to regret.  Here are some things that we will never be sorry for.
Thinking before acting,
Hearing before judging,
Forging your enemies,
Being candid and frank, 
Helping a fallen brother,
Being honest in business,
Thinking before speaking,
Being loyal to your church,
Standing by your principles,
Stopping your ears to gossip,
Bridling a slanderous tongue,
Harboring only pure thoughts,
Sympathizing with the afflicted,
Being courteous and kind to all.
Author Unknown.
Who ever the author is or was certainly knew a thing or two about Scouting.  Rereading this I see the Scout law woven in its words.  And I will never be sorry or apologize for living the Scout law.
I don’t have to.  If I live the Law daily, it will guide me to do the right thing, and when you do the right thing, you never have to apologize.
This weekend, we watched as one of the “News shows” did an expose on why politicians cheat on their wives.  They spent the better part of an hour discussing the who’s, what’s and why’s of this “problem”.  The answer is simple.  These politicians have no Character.  Bottom line.. period.  They have to apologize because they lack Character, they lack the moral compass found in the Scout law.  They lack the ability to judge their actions based on a simple set of values.
Scouting reenforces the values of the Scout law and sets our young men up to never have to apologize for a lack of Character.
I will never apologize for living the Scout law.  It does not make me a nerd or a geek, it does not make me un cool or a pansy… it makes me a man of Character.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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