To Keep myself Physically Fit

Now I don’t know what has happened to boys.. and you before you think I am going to rant about video games and MTV.. stop.   But I wonder when we stopped being physically fit.

I remember as a kid there were not to many “Heavy kids”.  We ran, jumped, climbed, and rode our bikes all over the place.  
In Scouts, we hiked, biked, canoed and seemed to always be doing something active.  I can remember every troop meeting doing something physical, weather that was playing a game or riding our bikes to and from our Scout house.
Last Monday we helped a group of Scouts complete the physical fitness requirement for Tenderfoot.  I was, and am always amazed at how out of shape our kids are.  Do they not take PE in School anymore?  It seems to me that just by being a kid with all the running and playing you do.. how can you be out of shape?
We are a backpacking troop and the good news there is that anyone can do it, but it sure helps to be in shape.  Most of that is mental.  But watching some of the Scouts doing sit ups this Monday… well it made me wonder what the kids today are doing.
I own a Wii and an X Box, but they are not the center of my house.  I guess those two items have become babysitters in some cases, where as my mom would tell us to get outside and play.
I enjoy a house that my kids like to bring there friends to.  They play games on the X Box, but are limited to the amount of time they spend on it.. then it is “grab the football and get outside”!
We make a promise in the Scout Oath to keep ourselves Physically Fit.  Your own personal limitations will apply, the Boy Scouts want you to do your personal best.  What the Scouts also realize is that when you keep yourself physically fit you are healthy and when you are healthy you have a better life.
Scouting impacts us all in many ways.. if it is a promise to be fit that motivates a young man to be healthy then we win in Scouting.
Your troops activities should push the Scouts to try new things, be adventurous, and test the limits of their physical fitness.  The Scouts will have a lot more fun then sitting in a class room cranking out merit badges, and they will benefit by being more physically fit.
I don’t know what happened, and I am not one to buy a bunch of excuses.. just get them outside and let them play.  Playing keeps them fit.  Bumps and bruises from a good hard game of ball are not a bad thing and you will see a healthier son in the end.
Get out and play….
And Have a Great Scouting Day!

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