Rules or Reminders

A Scout can be Trusted, a Scout is Trustworthy.

Rule or Reminder?
IF I am a person of character, a person that has grown with a set of Values, then do I need a rule to tell me to be Trustworthy?  Ok.. so if I did not grow up with said values… do I still need a rule to be Trustworthy?  How about Friendly, kind, and obedient?  Rules or reminders?
Do I need a rule that tells me not to steal?  Not to kill?  Not to Lie?
Or do I need a reminder every once in a while to keep me on track.
I am amazed at how many rules and regulations we have in our world, many of which are just a waste of paper and ink.  What is amazing about it is that we have to have them because for whatever reason people tend to break them.  Some where along the way we as a society drifted away from the simple rule of “Doing unto others as we would have done to us”.  I believe they call it the “Golden Rule”.
How simple it would be if we all just lived by that simple rule.
How simple it would be if we all just were Trustworthy and loyal to each other.  Obedient and Cheerful?  Kind and Courteous?  The world would be so much a better place and we would not need so many rules.
When my Troop does any activity, weather that is a meeting or a camp out, a back pack trip or a trek in canoes, we have 1 set of rules… starts with Trustworthy, ends with reverent.  The rest seems to take care of itself.  Burdening them with rules for this and that are as ridiculous as the amount of laws and regulations our government imposes… and for what?  The results are not that good, just look at the courts.  
But look at a well run Scout Troop.  12 words, values, rules, reminders of how we should live our lives.
Enough said.
Have a Great Scouting Day!


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