Bear Grylls- Chief Scout

Recently Bear Grylls was appointed as the new Chief Scout of the British Scouting Association.  For those of us on this side of the pond, this is not a significant news item, except that most everyone I talk to about it seems to think that he will impart his “Survival antics” from the TV show into the Scouting Association.  I personally think that is highly unlikely.
I found this video from the British Scouting Association on you tube, and thought it was worth sharing.
I am not one to criticize our leadership, but I wonder if Mr. Mazzucca would do what Bear does in this video.  If so.. My hats off to him.
I think what Mr. Grylls says in the video is interesting too.. in a nut shell the business of Scouting is Fun.. not business.
hmmmm… just a thought.
Enjoy the video.  I did.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. From the conversations I've had with the members of my Group and read on various websites, Bear is seen as a great choice for Chief Scout. The young people have seen him on TV doing his outdoors stuff, so there is a credibility he carries with him. Adults know he is passionate about the outdoors and know he has been a Scout in his youth. Watching the video from the SA, you can see he is connecting with all levels of Scouting from the 6 year old Beavers up.On the day of his appointment, he went round a lot of the TV and radio studios and did loads of interviews. But, it wasn't just him. He had two Explorer Scouts (14 – 18 years) with him and they were also interviewed to get their views on Scouting. The media coverage was exceptionally positive and by the end of the day, the number of phone calls to Gilwell by people asking to volunteer was huge!As Chief Scout, Bear is the public figurehead of the Scout Association and he is doing it as a volunteer! We also have a new UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bullpit, who will work along side Bear to do the day to day running of the SA.By appointing Bear, we have a high profile Chief who seems committed to the young people and ensuring they are able to do activites that are outdoors, challenging & out of the ordinary.Perhaps 'Get Muddy' can be a new slogan for Scouting!!


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