Not that I am a number watcher.. BUT…

I wanted to say thank you to all of you that read and share the Scoutmaster Minute.
The numbers do not mean a thing as I do this out of a love for Scouting, as you can see there are no adds that shoot money my way…
But it does go to show that we in the Scouting community do love and care for Scouting.
As of today I noticed that the Scoutmaster minute crossed the 30,000 mark.
So to celebrate.. I am off to our Troops Court of Honor!
Looking at the Pie Chart… its also cool how International the Scoutmaster Minute has become.
Just in the last week we have had 149 visitors from the US, 7 from the UK, 5 from Belgium, 2 from Germany, 2 from Canada, and 1 from the Philippines.
Thanks again everyone and Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. I'm totally a number watcher. When I post something I think will elicit interest I watch to see if it gets clicked. If not, I wonder why. If it does I get a little thrill. It's a sad comment on my personality, but there I am. My first bloggerversary is coming up and I've been collecting some statistics which is why I found your post to be timely. I know I'm always fascinated when someone in a non-English speaking country comes to my blog. Cool beans.


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