Eatin’ Good Out in the Woods

As you know, or may not know… much of our camping experiences seem to hover around when the next meal is.  

We set camp… have a Cracker Barrel.
We wake up… Breakfast.
We do an activity until… lunch.
We resume activity until it’s time to prepare dinner.
And then we clean up the mess so we can get ready for dessert.
Planning and preparation of meals, especially while backpacking requires thought and a little work.  But the pay off is easy to prepare, light weight, easy to clean up meals that keep you on the trail and having fun.
Recently one of the Assistant Scoutmasters in our troop prepared a sample weekend meal plan to help teach the newer Scouts, refresh the memories of older Scouts and keep them all within their budgets.
Take a look at this, it may be something you want to try with your unit.  This meal plan is for buddy teams, but can be modified to meet the needs of bigger groups.
Oatmeal 4 pks. $0.60
Soup mix 1 cup $1.14
Tortellini 1/2 lb $2.17
Salmon 1 pouch $1.83
Noodles 1 pouch $0.98
Oatmeal 4 pks. $0.60
Drink mix 4 pks. $0.49
Trail mix 1 lb. $1.95
Total cost $9.76

Menu #2
Eggs 6 $0.56
Sausage 1/2 stick $2.49
Triscuits 1 box $1.78
Summer Sausage 1/2 stick $2.49
Chicken 1 can $1.44
Noodles 1 pouch $0.85
Oatmeal 4 pks. $0.60
Drink Mix 4 pks. $0.49
Granola Bars 8 bars $1.78
Total Cost $12.48
At $6.00 a head, which is what our Scouts budget per camp out, these two menus stay within the framework of the budget, planning considerations, weight, nutrition, and taste.
Both of these menus break down and fit in a single 1 gallon zip lock bag.  That same zip lock bag becomes your trash bag for the weekend.
I think it is worth a try.  Our Scouts use this model.. substituting items and staying within the guide.  Both of these menus recently were used by patrols in our Troop at Camporee.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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